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Thursday, July 3, 2014

July bliss

So, its been in the middle now. I have been going in hell and heaven renovation now. Things will go as expected and then pulls you down without asking whether you need to be down or what. Six months just washed away as expected. Good and bad, just like ying and yang. Today seem to be even worst

I just feel it. Maybe some don't realise but its just hurting. I just can't take it nowadays with the situation going hay wire worse than before. You need me, then you call me or else you won't know who the fuck am I. Like , what am I to you. A snowman where you can call me during winter and melt me down during summer.

I am freaking human being waiting for good love and affection not sugar coats all over me since I am way to sweet when you taste. But why you had to do this only to me like as though you feel I am enjoying it. I am literally yes, I did enjoy moments with you but most of the time. I am getting neglected but it always goes the other way

I have been silent all the while and I always will. Just be true to me, that's what I asked. Its not that hard to follow. I beg you, please do so


Friends, being a part of me is a necessity. Since I have been going through a lot. Even not as many people think, but for me its just way too much. Having this bunch of friends. Well not really a bunch, but still considered one.

They have been there so far for me. I might be annoying but when it comes to friends, I will always stand up for you. So, be equalize to me as well because I always value you.

So, pretty well friends over here can't be trusted neither be hurt for, but trying to manage them so that all feels the same do count.

I have always been rebellious nowadays, depends who I am with. Certain of them controlling me knowing where their rights are. I need those people to back me up whenever I fall. But when they tend to move away without realizing, that just really hurts.

I mean like, why you get closer to me when you will be getting apart. Just stay where you need to be and don't grow feelings in me. Understanding me that I might get hurt is a must.

But, there are still few of them, despite everything stood for me. I need them. I just need them. I don't want to lose them. Like please, let me have some life with them preciously.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

So, Went out dinner with taekwondo buddy few days back. It has been a year since I met her. So we went had some chill out session and or yamcha I brought her to my workig palce which was the Frosts. Since I also haven't eaten the dishes there, I brought her to try it out. So we ate the Snow Mountain and Sweet sour fried chicken :D. Have great talks on how to improve the ation and craps :D LOL. We always talk about taekwondo whenever we sit pout and chill. It's in our blood :) 

So that's all. Signing out now and Bye :)