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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Finally, The One :)

Finally months and years after being with some people who are worthless being with, I met the one that is perfect enough being with me. representing Rijie, the one who never fails being proud having me with him all the time. Never expect it. Thinking he's just the same as anyone i use to see. But basically, he just proved me wrong. Like totally wrong. He never fails making me happy. A typical boyfriend I would say. I never actually felt what is like having a boyfriend. But the only one who made me feel like being a girlfriend is him.Frankly speaking, honestly he liked my friend but then feelings do change, seems I was in it LOL * flips hair. I never knew I would be the one being with him. Truthfully, I am super duper lucky to have you , Rijie with me.

So, what is the use of talking about him if I never say who is that guy actually. He's name is Rijie and he's 19. Now I know, age is just a number. Studying law and currently having the most insane girlfriend which is me. Lalalalala. So the chronology began when we started to follow each other on Instagram whereby , thanks to my bestie Lavana for introducing. I mean, like what are friends for actually haha. Then, we exchange numbers and use to whatsapp each other everyday which is normal but not as often as now. So, it's like he use to say he likes my friend because she's pretty and such a good girl, So I was like always be the middle person trying to hook things up. So called, but eventually it didn't worked.

Then one fine day, where we both planned to meet up for lunch at Macalister Road, the road of FOOD haha, and yes we met up. Having normal chit chats with all his friends and him, literally struck his mind I guess. It's like for some time during the meet up, he didn't even talk to me, like what the heck, i came to see you and you're muting yourself with a cigarette. Then time was up and I had to go but we didn't forget to take a picture of course. So here it is. The very first selfie of us.

The first picture I took with him x.

Then the story continues, when he texted me saying that he missed me. I was overwhelmed and yes I did miss him too. And he was like expressing how beautiful I look. And I was looking at myself, thinking I'm a girl who is kind of a plum sized and with braces. Then, he explained that he loves girls with braces and glasses. For a moment, I was jumping up in the air. Haha

By midnight. he expressed that he liked me. But I told that he liked my friend. He was like feelings do change and he later on explained why his feeling started to change and stuffs. So, I was then speechless, whether is it worth it or not since I have experienced having worst boyfriends for me. And I didn't want to screw his life. But, he kept on telling he likes me. From the bottom of my heart, I did like him too, with the way he talked and cared, But, I was afraid. Afraid of things tearing apart.

 I explained why I didn't want to be in relationship. Somehow rather, he convinced me, proved me wrong on some issues and yes, I accepted him when he gave me his first kiss and also Hershey's. Such a moment :)

So, our journey began with such bliss and thankful coming Sunday, it will be a month for us being together. One thing I liked about him is He never fails to make me smile. He cared about me. He makes me feel that I am very much important to me which really matters me. And made me love him more . Loves alot Rijie :)

And yes, I'll be posting pictures of our first month journey here. Here it goes :-

Lunch at McD. Walking down the pavements during the rainy day

Second meet up

Dates like old school :)

Meet ups after college :)

Lunch and chocolates. Surprises everyday


The best hugs :D

How is he ah ??

P/S : I am looking happy indeed. Hoping this happiness last :)

Friday, September 5, 2014


So I was selected to take over the Indian Society in my college together with the other friends. We hold on together waiting for this moment where we wanted to show them what are we all about. With the looking down moments by those worthless asses. We were so determined that we promised we're going to show them what is being Indian all about. We want to show that being Indian isn't embarrassing. Being Indian is toast of proudness. Having a cultural nite is a sense of bringing everyone in unity. It's not only about you, it's about us. We were so persistent that we need to show that being like us is just so good. Egoism and shitty faces don't work the shit out of us.

So, whatever updates i will try to post as much as I could in here. Hope you guys are excited to hear about it too. I am an Indian and I am proud being one !

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Who will ever knew I will be the most happiest kid just because mom makes desserts everyday. Its like I will never get sick with it. Everyday desserts, cake and chocolate. Total yum. Here's few pictures I would like to share. My mom's home made desserts.