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Friday, October 31, 2014

The love of coffee

The love for coffee from me will never end. And the best, working in a coffee bar. My day couldn't get any better than getting free coffee everyday :)

And I miss him. After two weeks, we met each other :) I was indeed  glad. And yes, our two months is coming up. Can't wait, no matter, the love is always there for you. Loves xx 


Hello there. So, as you can see I updated the blog with the journey of my studies. And now, adding to the list, I want to show that journey of working is even fun when you like what you do. Don't care whether it's part time or full time, you still enjoy and you're still considered emplooyed.
 And yea, started my work two weeks ago . I am working in this pub restaurant called the Geoventure which is simplified from the word Geographic Adventure. Eventhough Im only working as a waitress, but the feeling and experience I've got so far is priceless. I get to learn more and more things, not only in terms of work wise, It also helps alot in your life. Teaching you what to do and what not to do .
And obviously I have make friends. I don't keep quiet when I see people. So, these friends have even taught me good deeds. thanks to you guys,my dear friends. And here it goes, stream of pictures :)

Deepavali 2014

So this year deepavali ent kind of well for me. As usual, waking up early in the morning, helping mom to cook for breakfast and lunch. Then, having a bath with oil and siyakkai. Once in a year being extremely good and doing all the rituals needed for the day. Simply pleasant and as always, I'd did the rangoli the night before deepavali. Simple one yet I am satisfied as I always love doing this for years. And adding soe spice to this year's deepavali, my sister got to play fire crackers this time. She was indeed full of joy, believe it or not, this is her first time playing them and now she is 10. And as usual, what's deepavali without pictures and selfies. But I still miss celebrating deepavali with my cousins at my grandparents place. The best indeed.