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Sunday, March 23, 2014

So, Went out dinner with taekwondo buddy few days back. It has been a year since I met her. So we went had some chill out session and or yamcha I brought her to my workig palce which was the Frosts. Since I also haven't eaten the dishes there, I brought her to try it out. So we ate the Snow Mountain and Sweet sour fried chicken :D. Have great talks on how to improve the ation and craps :D LOL. We always talk about taekwondo whenever we sit pout and chill. It's in our blood :) 

So that's all. Signing out now and Bye :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


So it has been 5 days since that big jet went missing. What is the government practically doing ? They don't seem to be bothered or maybe have that guilty concious for 239 of them who vanished without trace and they don't seem like they want them back. What is going on ? I am not a news lover but this is nerve wrecking me . This just can't be possible. You have all the nations helping you out but you still find nothing. Such useless douches I guess . No words to describe people like you all . Just have to say this 24/7 . pray and keep on praying :'(

2nd Bridge in the pearl of Orient

Okay old story hear by the way . But. I still update because there is still alot who didn't know about this existence. 

We have the second bridge now YAY!!!! It seems it's the longest in Southeast Asia. But the best part, it's beside my house. And, Najib seems to say that's it's the gift from the government. You know what ? just fuck yourself :) It's our parents money and we get it for our satisfaction. Nothing has got to do with you and your fucking government.

So guys, here you go. shots of the bridge. Enjoy and signing out :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Journey of INTI

So journey in INTI form August 2013 seem to have lots of change in me. And I am satisfied much because it's changed fo good. But as you know,where ever you go, there will be drama bitches sniffingn your ass thinking what to do with me and trying to create lets say havoc between my friends. i mean like, why the mother eff you had to do. Did I ever spryaed your ass with some pper spray. It's no . So why you just had to motherfucking bother my business when I don't simply give a flamingo on you.

So,this is what's happening in my college. But then, there is always friends to crack jokes out of you. We do have much fun, as usual girls GOSSIPPPP !!! And we gossip all day long. It is like so fun actually. But I know, we are mean sometimes. And the best we do EAT !!. We will always have this order coming all the way to our guard house to bring our foods and we will be like walking in with McD or Dominos to the college like a BOSS. 

And I learnt to play pool. It's total fun playing and when you see a girl playing. that seem unusual in Malaysia. Guys start to drool and start to flatter. laughing out loud. I mean it's like total epic shit. Haha ! I know I make lame jokes but hey it's me and that's who I am. Either you handle me or you don't . So ,there is alot more to tell but things don't come up to my mind sometimes. I will continue in later post :) 

Peace out ! One Love ! <3

Besties !!

So, it's been so long since I blogged. Seems it has been 2 semesters since i am in INTI. So , I do have few wonderful people in my life. they keep bugging me and I will never get bored. They are so insane you will never even want to forget them. Here they go ! They are Lavana , Manisha and Bashini who is also my cousin. As I can say, journey with them is amazing much. Lots of ups and downs and yet I still manage to get the best out of them and they getting the best out of me as well. So , now having one month sem break is making me missing them more. So , I was browsing their pictures and I guess I should share them to my blog too. Hey . My blog is my very good friend. And you people reading. Obviously, you will waiting to know who are they unless you were stalking me in FB and twitter :)

So, here you go. A memory down the lane of my journey with my besties :D